Why the Outdoors is Good for Business  

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Knowledge Hub

Big tech companies have already found that the happier the workforce is, the more productive it is.  So, it comes as no surprise that employers are investigating ways to make their employees happy. 

The introduction of flexible working hours, hybrid working conditions, team development programmes, office based salons, spas and fitness centres and ‘duvet days’ are now relatively common in forward thinking businesses.  

If companies get their packages right, they know that they’ll be enjoying large financial returns.  

All of the above may be difficult to introduce into the culture of the company, but one activity that costs very little and is easy to implement is to take your workforce outside.  

There are many studies which confirm that getting fresh air and absorbed in nature has very positive effects on human beings.  

In the workplace, this is extremely beneficial.  

Connecting with nature boosts peoples’ moods, improves attention and encourages connection at a granular level.  

So, if your business is looking to increase the happiness of its employees, and ultimately increase company profit, here are 6 reasons why you should be taking your team outside!     

  •  Connecting with nature will increase creative thinking by as much as 50%  

Most people work in the same office every day.  Their role can often be monotonous with high levels of stress.  Add in a complete inability to disconnect from technology and you’ve got the makings of a static, uninspired workforce.  

It’s not the best place to inspire your workforce and get them ‘thinking outside the box’.  

But by taking them outside, out of their usual environment, they start to think in a different way and often come up with some incredible ideas that can transform businesses.     

  •  Connecting with nature increases the ability to focus  

We are all guilty of distracted thinking these days.  Everything demands our attention – mobile phones, computers, people etc all have a cumulative effect on distracting us from clear thought processes.  

Being in the outdoors can help us reflect and restore our attention.  Being mentally overloaded actually has an adverse effect on our productivity, but by getting back to nature in the great outdoors can refresh the mind by gentle stimulation rather than complete overload.     

  •  Connecting with nature increases energy levels  

Sitting in an office day after day, in the same chair and in the same surroundings is soul destroying.  

Working too many hours is counter-productive – it decreases output and deflates mood.    

Just 30 minutes outside in the fresh air can actually increase energy levels, which will of course increase productivity.    

  •  Connecting with nature improves cognitive function  

Learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem solving, decision making, and attention span are all forms of cognitive functioning.  

And these are critical functions needed from a workforce for any business to succeed.  The higher the workforce can function, the more productive it will be. And that’s clearly good for business!  

  •  Connecting with nature takes people away from everyday stressors  

We all have stressors in our lives that we have to deal with on a day to day basis.  They’re not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming when we’re constantly on the ‘treadmill of life’  

By taking people out of this environment for a while can really help them destress and therefore have the ability to think in a different way, explore their creativity and solve problems without any distractions from external forces.     

  •  Connecting with nature boosts collaboration  

If, as outlined above, being outdoors boosts cognitive function, it stands to reason that taking your entire team out of the office and into nature will have an exponential effect.  

People who are exploring nature together tend to be more collaborative, communicate better and are more helpful.      


It is well documented that being outside and connecting with nature is in our very best interests as humans.  It makes us happier, reconnects us, grounds us and clears our busy minds.  

If we clear out the clutter in our brains, we can think better, focus more clearly, communicate and collaborate better.    

For businesses that want to increase their productivity and ultimately their profit, it’s imperative to get your team outside, together, to enjoy and connect with nature.  

Businesses that do this generally have a happier workforce.  A happier workforce has high productivity levels – and what business doesn’t want that?