Why you should host your next meeting in the Cotswolds

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Knowledge Hub

You won’t struggle to find a list of reasons on why you should visit the Cotswolds. If 100 miles of countryside walks through beautiful villages and historical sites weren’t enough to convince you, the local food will be!

The Cotswolds offers tourists some of the very best landscapes in the UK and this is one of the very reasons we think you should be considering it for your next business meeting.

Escape the City

The city can be a wondrous place; it’s busy, exciting and you always have a sense of feeling connected to others. However, the constant stimulation from being in the city can have a negative impact. Not to mention, all the noise, lights and other stressors are likely to mean (that without realising), your sleep is of poor quality.

There’s no denying the effects of living and working in the city. In fact, those people in rural areas are at 40% higher risk of depression, and over 20% more prone to anxiety – not to mention more loneliness, isolation and stress.

Fear not, it isn’t all doom and gloom! We are here to talk about how you and your team can benefit from a mini-break, escape to the country and host your next meeting in the Cotswolds!

Why you Should Host your Business Meeting in the Countryside

It’s time to give you and the team some respite. Getting away to the countryside could be the perfect way to keep employees refreshed and re-focus their minds.

The countryside is well known for being peaceful, quiet and a step away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It can be the ideal setting for those team-building, strategy meetings where you need everyone in their best mindsets. Hosting your meeting in the countryside doesn’t however mean stepping away from all thing’s technology!

The right meeting venue will have everything you need to host your meeting or business event. The perfect venue is also likely to have facilities for you to wind down after the meeting too!

Lots of Space for Activities

Countryside meeting venues give you ample space for anything you may need it for! Maybe you want to start your day with a run, outdoor yoga or even just a light stroll. The countryside here in the Cotswolds offers a level of tranquillity you just can’t get from a city.

Hosting meetings in the same stuffy hotel conference room, or office boardroom can leave your team feeling uninspired. Change up the location and get everyone outside for the latest brainstorm or collaboration session.

Why Choose the Cotswolds as your Next Meeting Venue

The Cotswolds is the very best any countryside location has to offer. The Cotswolds is home to stunning, honey-coloured towns and villages, nestled in one of the areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK.

There’s so much history to enjoy here in the Cotswolds, including several remarkable man-made structures, where most were created for royalty.

Accessible Location

While the Cotswolds could have you fooled that it’s hidden away in the middle of nowhere, it’s actually easily accessible from every corner of the country.

You can reach the Cotswolds via a direct train from London or Birmingham and can also be reached just 40 minutes off the M5. It’s also equal distance between Birmingham and Bristol airports, making it an easy location for international visitors too!

Team-Building Activities

Due to the spacious countryside that surrounds the Cotswolds, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities for you and your colleagues. These often adventurous activities are great team-builders and work well to help build unity amongst your employees.

There’s lots of options to choose from:

Local Food & Drink

The Cotswolds may not be the place for fine dining, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience the very best in British cuisine!

For business lunches you can enjoy delicious and hearty food from Cotswold Baguettes, including tantalising cakes and savoury snacks. Followed by a wonderful evening meal at one of many traditional pubs and restaurants. You could even opt for an in-house private chef to cook you and your colleagues and exquisite three-course meal.

Discover the Cotswolds for your Next business Meeting

Here at Flagstone Farm, we have conference facilities and accommodation set in idyllic countryside and woodland. You can learn more about hiring our conference centre for residential meetings by emailing us mark@flagstonefarm.co.uk